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At Dynostar we have the option of upgrading an old dynamometer. We can offer a fully up to date dynamometer by using our Dynostar upgrade kit. The Dyno station software and associated electronics are universally applicable in a roller chassis upgrade kit. 

All Dynostar roller chassis dynamometers are fitted with our in-house developed Dynostar DAS Data Acquisition System. There are different parameters which can be read via the DAS system, for example: turbo pressure, throttle valve position, various temperatures and air/fuel ratio. All these measured values are collected in the Dynostar Junction Box and passed to the DAS system via only a single cable.


A high-quality upgrade kit, including  engine RPM and wideband Lambda, integrated in one housing. This kit is specially developed for professionals working with diagnosis and chiptuning on a regular basis. This kit is specifically designed for the professional working in the  field of chip-tuning and/or diagnosis.


A803- Basis 

A804- Lambda 

A805 - With AFR and RPM kits


For questions please contact us via 

T: +31 165 521 336



€ 4.190,00Price
  • - Data Acquisition System integrated

    - Remote control

    - Instructions and manual

    - ECB Power supply 

    - Drum speed sensor 

    - Loadcell 

    - Software

    - Calibration weights

    - Brackets 

  • - Minimum I3 processor gen 4 preferred I7 

    - 8 GB internal memory

    - Minimum Windows 8 preferred Windows 10

    - Minimum 500 MB available preferred SSD

    - Video card intel HD Graphics 500 or higher Nvidia GeForce GTX210 or higher 

    - RS232 serial port or USB/RS232 converter ES-U-1001

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the photo is not leading for the product ultimately purchased

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