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With its special design the C606 cooling fan is perfect for narrow workshops. This Dynostar prop fan provides up to 125 km/h of air speed and has enough power to push through the radiator and engine compartment of a car. You can select several e-motors starting from 4 kW up to 9,2 kW.


Optinally you can add a frequency controller that is controlled by our ADS software to vary the airspeed. This makes it possible to match the wheel speed automatically or manually select the preferred air speed by using a sliding bar.


You have the ability to adjust the shutters to direct the air flow to make sure the best result possible can be achieved! This fan its intake is tilted 90 degrees downwards and the fan itself can tilt as well. It also rolls on 4 independent casters which are provided with brakes.


This product can only be delivered when ordered via based on a customized quotation. Keep in mind that the price mentioned price above is excl. shipment.

DYNOSTAR C606/HS84145925

€ 4.590,00Price
  • Weight:  210 [kg]  
    Dimensions (lxwxh): 105 x 115 x 100 [cm]  
    Air outlet dimensions (lxw):  120 x 50 [cm]  
    Power requirements: 380 [V] 11,1 to 14,8 [A]
    Max. Power output: 7,5 [kW]  
    Max. capacity: 36.000 [m³/h]  
    Max. wind speed: 75-125 [km/h]  

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the photo is not leading for the product ultimately purchased

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