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With literally everything redesigned, improved functionalities and a brand-new wireless keyboard, the software has a modern look and feel and is more user-friendly!


All systems can be updated with this brand-new software. The extensive software package enables you to configure and use your Dynostar dynamometer easily.


In Advanced Dyno Station four different testing modes are available: Dynamic, Dynamic A/T, Static and Transient.This will allow you to test every aspect of the vehicles you are running and maximize their potential.


Included is the new software located on a USB-stick fitted in a protection cover, a wireless keyboard, powerbank and a microprocessor.

New Advanced Dyno Station Software

€ 495,00Price
    • Database
    • Measurements
    • Graphics
    • Improved layout – All parts of ADS have been revised to be more clear and user friendly.
    • Transient testing – Acceleration controlled test with dynamic retarder load to supply appropriate load throughout the RPM range.
    • Live plots – Performance graph will be drawn while you are accelerating.
    • Improved database – Integration of a “Model year” folder to allow for better organization of test data.
    • Vehicle inertia calculator – Allows you to correct power deviations caused by vehicle driveline inertia.
    • Expandable sensor data graph – The sensor data graph (AFR, EGT, etc.) can now be expanded for more detailed analysis and tuning.
    • EV modus – Especially designed to test electric vehicles in combination with our EV module.
    • Integration of QLB and Engine RPM software as well as integrated online support.
    • EOBD integration coming soon!

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the photo is not leading for the product ultimately purchased

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