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At Dynostar we have the option of upgrading an old dynamometer. We can offer a fully up to date dynamometer by using our Dynostar upgrade kit. The Dyno station software and associated electronics are universally applicable in a roller chassis upgrade kit. 

All Dynostar roller chassis dynamometers are fitted with our in-house developed Dynostar DAS Data Acquisition System. There are different parameters which can be read via the DAS system, for example: turbo pressure, throttle valve position, various temperatures and air/fuel ratio. All these measured values are collected in the Dynostar Junction Box and passed to the DAS system via only a single cable.


This upgrade kit gives you the full range of possibilities, with maximum use of all sensors. This kit makes it possible to control an inverter for vehicle cooling, length adjustment and beam control. It’s even possible to preform pre-programmed drive cycles.


For questions please contact us via 

T: +31 165 521 336



SKU: A801
€ 5.490,00Price
  • - Data Acquisition System 

    - Junction box

    - Remote control

    - Instructions and software manual

    - ECB Power supply

    - Drumspeed sensor 

    - Loadcell  

    - Communication cable

    - RS232 cable

    - Calibration weight

    - Brackets

  • - Minimum I3 processor gen 4 preferred I7 

    - 8 GB internal memory

    - Minimum Windows 8 preferred Windows 10

    - Minimum 500 MB available preferred SSD

    - Video card intel HD Graphics 500 or higher Nvidia GeForce GTX210 or higher 

    - RS232 serial port or USB/RS232 converter ES-U-1001

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the photo is not leading for the product ultimately purchased

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